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Whited Bible Camps
Aroostook Pentecostal Church Fellowship presents...
About Whited Bible Camps
1945- God placed in the heart of Rev. Don Bickford to build a place to have old-fashioned Camp-meetings. There were some set backs and some miracles but later on the (not sure of the exact year) the Tabernacle was built and Campmeeting had begun!

1955- Due to rebuilding the Tabernacle they pitched an Army Tent and still praised the Lord. That didn't stop Campmeeting from happening that summer or the following summer. 

1956- Bro. Clifford Crabtree took leadership of Campmeeting and that summer they raised the money to build a new Tabernacle - it is still standing today!

1958- Perley Heresy started the Aroostook Pentecostal Camp for Boys and Girls. 

1959- Rev. Floyd and Jane Green directed the youth camp.

1960- Rev. Clarence & Ethel Reed led Youth Camp

1961-1965- Rev. Charles and Iona Flewelling became the Directors of Youth camp. It is during this time that the name of the youth camp was changed to Whited Bible Camp!

1966- Rev. Clarence & Ethel Reed were the Directors of Youth camp.
          Bro. Bill Wilson was the Adult Camp Chairman

1967- Bro. David and Sis. Mary MacIntyre were chosen as the Youth Camp Directors and continued to be the directors for 40+ years!

1973- Bro. Ronald & Judy Libby became the Chairman of Adult Camp.

1996- Rev. Andy & Sonia DeRier became the directors of Family Camp.   Rev. Andy DeRier became the APCF,Inc Chairman.

2009- 2013 Pastor Paul & Tammy Wilson became the directors of Youth Camp. 

2014- Rev. Richard & Sara Holmes became directors of Whited Bible Camps.

2016- Rev. Bruce Blakney became the Chairman of APCF, Inc  and Rev. Wes Faloon became the Vice Chairman of APCF, Inc.