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Whited Bible Camps
Aroostook Pentecostal Church Fellowship presents...
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Welcome Home !
We want you in one of these seats!
"Picture, if you will, a Bible camp nestled in the heart of Aroostook County. Though there are many Bible camps, this one is especially unique. This is Whited Bible Camp, a place chosen by God to inspire and challenge young people to live for Jesus. Four generations have walked these grounds and have been blessed by God as revival fires have been lit in the hearts of the youth."
                                    - Sister Mary MacIntyre
Whited Bible Camp ® PO BOX 91   790 US Rte. 1, Bridgewater, ME 04735

Wednesday Feb 15, 2017

It's almost Friday ! But ... WE ARE ALMOST FULL! THERE ARE ONLY A FEW SPOTS LEFT..... if you have submitted your application and received an acceptance email/message or your Youth leader has registered you already, you are all set. If not and you are planning to come and join us please check in with us before leaving home to make sure there is still room. This event is reserved for registered campers only. We can be reached at 207-694-0424, please leave a message and we will get back to you. Updates will be posted on facebook and our webpage: www.whitebiblecamps.com Come expecting !

February 17-20, 2017       Ages 13-18
Register early, space is limited.
Applications can be found on our CAMPS page.